At Good Clean Fun, we are always striving to make interesting wines that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Being environmentally sustainable is not something that you simply are or are not, but rather an intended, focused approach that combines numerous different initiatives that place less strain on mother earth. 

Below are a few of the practises we have in order for us to be as sustainable as possible:

  • We use a sugarcane by-product for our labels so no paper makes its way onto our bottle. It still has all the same functions as a normal paper label but just finds a use for a material that normally would be burnt in the fields.
  • We use lightweight glass bottles. 30% of the carbon footprint of a wine, from grape to the glass, is purely wrapped up in the glass bottle. Glass is notoriously energy demanding, from creation to transport to disposal. By using bottles that are 30% lighter than the standard, we are reducing our footprint throughout the supply chain. 
  • All our grape marc (all the leftover parts of the grape after we press) is sent to a local farm which provides a (apparently very tasty) treat for their cows. 
  • Our winery has a solar panel setup on the roof. 
  • We recycle wherever we can.


    We are still one of the little guys in an industry increasingly made up of large producers so our efforts aren't going to get us to net zero by ourselves. However, these are just a few elements that we can control on our side which hopefully will become more widespread in the future. 

    lightweight bottle infographic