How much is delivery?

Wine is a heavy and fragile product and subsequently costs significantly more than other products to deliver. However, we aim to make it as easy as possible to enjoy our wine. Our delivery rates are:

1 to 5 bottles: $10 flat rate for Victoria / $15 flat rate for all other states

6 pack: Free Shipping

12 pack: Free Shipping

I didn't receive an order confirmation.

Please check your junk or spam folder for the email. If you still haven't received it within the hour, please get in touch with us here.

Can I mix cases?

Sure can. Just add the mix of single bottles in your order and we'll package them up together.

Do you do e-gift cards?

You know it! Get in touch and we can organise these for you.

Are your wines "natural wines"?

Geez, that is a loaded question. Short answer- nah, yeah, nah.

At Good Clean Fun, we aim to make interesting wines with as little winemaker intervention as possible. The fact is that your standard winemaker has a lot of gadgets, techniques and processes in their play book to help them in their pursuit of turning those pretty grapes into a bottle of drinkable booze. On the whole, there is nothing wrong with utilising any of these actions but we are of the philosophy that the more the winemaker does, the less the grapes get to speak for themselves and of the place they come from. Call it lazy wine making or a commitment to the "work smart, not hard" ethos, we just think this hands-off approach produces wine that taste better.

Sooo you produce natural wines then?

It's hard to comment on a category which isn't universally defined (no matter how much debate there is on the topic) but our opinion is that we are not producing wines that would generally be classified as natural wine. Our wines are a little more conventional than some in that category that are really pushing the boundaries of where wine can go. Additionally, we do add a minimal amount of sulphur to our wines that would generally rule us out of that camp.

Is it this Sulphur that is making me feel dusty the morning after a big night?

That's probably the alcohol... or perhaps the garlic sauce in the kebab.

Sulfites get a bad wrap because legally it must be named on the wine label if added to the wine. Sulphur is naturally occurring in wine, however wine makers often also add an additional amount for its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant qualities. There is a tiny percent of the population that is allergic to sulphur but that is estimated to be far a smaller percentage than those allergic to shellfish or eggs. 

A general quick test to see if you do have any issues with sulfites is to see whether you have any issues with dried fruit or tomato sauce as both of these have around 10 times the amount of sulphur as most standard wines. 

What's the go with your labels?

Thanks for asking. Our labels are made from recycled sugarcane fibres that otherwise would have gone to waste. It's not going to save the world but it's just one of the many small efforts we can do to help make the most eco-friendly wine as possible. 

What's the go with the lighter bottles?

Packaging makes up 30% of the entire carbon footprint of a wine. By reducing the amount of glass in our bottles, we signficantly reduce the amount of energy needed to produce the bottles and transport them to their final destinations. Classic heavy bottles were always used as a sales tactic to indicate that the wine inside was of high quality and subsequently deserving of a high price tag. Our bottles are 30% lighter than the standard 750ml bottle yet still withholds the same structural integrity. We would prefer to be kinder on the planet and let your talented tastebuds make the decision.

Issue with your order?

Tough titties, sometime life isn't fair.

Gags. We are a (very) small business aiming to please so if there anything wrong with your order or the wine, please do get in touch with us immediately.