Return On Investment (ROI) Cooking: Prawn Linguine with Chilli and Garlic

It might sound strange to compare home cooking to the generally dry world of corporate finance but sometimes I think it's valuable to take a cut throat, unemotional approach to what you cook at home. Life is short and schedules are busy so no one wants to cook time intensive meals that deliver mediocre results. There are many recipes in the world that fall under this category (*cough* making puff pastry) where a quick alternative often produces better results. The below result always reminds me that sometimes quick and easy is the way to go when looking to create flavoursome grub.  Prawn Linguine with Chilli and Garlic Serves 2 Ingredients 20 raw prawns, shells removed (I find green is easiest to find)...

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Good Food for Good Clean Fun

Like a lot of Australians, we here at Good Clean Fun love chowing down on some tasty grub. Whether it's in casual noodle joints, fancy fine diners, bustling food vans or anything in between, we're all about exploring new and delicious flavours from cultures near and far. In line with this, we'll be publishing recipes that we're enjoying at home for you to try out. Some may be simple, and some may take some time, but all of them will tick two boxes: 1. Taste Great 2. Be even better with a bottle of Good Clean Fun  

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